Well, here we are in mid October and once again we must postpone our Fall Open House....this time until next year!  The reason?....we are TOO BUSY!

Stop by the nursery.... it is looking great with fall color from Tea & Sasanqua Camellias, Soft Caress Mahonias, Sonic Bloom Weigela and more...

It is not too late for Fall Planting

Fall planting gives plants an opportunity to develop a
 strong root system over the winter.   Plants get established
and are better able to withstand heat and water stress the
 next summer than those planted in the spring.

We have sales on select items including Daylilies, Herbs, Butterfly Bushes and Spirea..

      Daylilies(gallon or larger): 50% off

    Aztec Gold            Pardon Me   Diamond Anniversary   Buffy's Doll

Siloam Ethel Smith     Gold Coin          Double Gold          Double Yellow

Plus mixed colors at $3.00 each!


 Plant of the Month
Dove Tree 
 Davidia involucrata  


The dove tree is somewhat of a collector's item. It is rarely available but is a choice selection for those with patience and lots of space. It takes a few years before reaching flowering size and eventually attains 20 to 40 feet in height and width.


It is a broadly pyramidal shade tree, with large, toothed, deciduous leaves, medium green above and silvery below.  The dove tree's main attraction is its blooms, or rather the bracts that surround them. Two pure white leaves, one longer than the other, hang down gracefully around a central ball of small, yellow flowers. The effect is quite unique, like a flock of birds in flight or a series of handkerchiefs set out to dry. It is the bracts that give the tree its common names of dove tree, ghost tree, and handkerchief tree.

Dove Trees are available in one gallon containers in the nursery.




New in Nursery:
Tom Thumb Cotoneaster

Miniature accent specimen or groundcover formed by spreading branches. Large, beautiful red berries
brighten the winter landscape.

Asiatic Jasmine
'Snow in Summer'

   New foliage on this evergreen plant emerges striking
 pink turning to clear white, then to variegated white and emerald green on older foliage. Makes a wonderful
 colorful groundcover or container plant.
6" x 3'

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